Open Water Swimming & Triathlon Training

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Enjoy the outdoors this summer and experience a truly idyllic swim, giving you the freedom from everyday life without the confinement of a pool and those nasty chemicals. We provide a exhilarating experience compared to that of a pool, get away from the crowds and swim in a space only available in nature.


We will provide the highest standards of safety, only using qualified safety crew and most experienced in the industry. We have over 6 years of experience running OWS session for all levels of swimmers, providing you with a 400m, 700m & 1500m. With a qualified swim coach always at hand, you can really enjoy what nature has to offer. 


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Please note: All beginner swimmers (including non-wetsuit swimmers) must use a swim tow float on their first swim. All swimmers must wear a coloured swim hat and sign in and out.