Waterskiing: Learn to Slalom, Trick & Jump

Each 15 min session is packed with highest quality coaching, we only use British Waterski Level 2 Coaches and all staff have First Aid & Safe Guarding Checks.

 From beginner to international competitor we offer a safe, relaxing and enjoyable way to learn waterskiing.

One to One Professional Coaching
All Equipment is included 
Highest Quality Equipment for
waterski, trick ski, barefoot, kneeboard & jump



3 x 15 mins

Taster Course


Looking to take up waterskiing? 

The Taster Course offers beginners a first-time experience

in a safe and fun environment

with maximum guidance and encouragement.

Suitable for adults, and children from 4 years old, you are introduced to water safety, body position and basic technique on dry land.  Then your coach takes you on the water using a boom, which provides stability and close contact with your instructor.  Once you master getting out of the water, basic position and technique, you progress to ski behind the boat.
With 3 x 15 mins sessions in one morning - The Taster Course gives you a great feel for the sport.



15min session with experienced coach

behind Centurion Carbon Pro Ski boat